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2023 Mother's Day Tributes

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Mrs. Darlene B. Kelly, President

Mrs. Julia Elizabeth
Jackson Jett (Mother)

Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Jackson Jett (Mother)
Mrs. Darlene B. Kelly

Infant Darlene in the arms
of her Mother

First Row: Michael D Green, Mathew D. Green
Second Row: Joshua P. Adams (Deceased), Mrs. Darlene B Kelly, MacKenzie D. Green

Mrs. Nadine Frost, 1st Vice President

Mrs. Estelle Carr (Mother)

Mrs. Nadine Frost, Mrs. Estelle Carr (Mother)

Mrs. Meredith D. Smith, 2nd Vice President

Meredith Smith Oval Fixed.png
Mrs Louise Jones, Meredith Smith Mother in Law.jpg

Mrs. Bernice D. Spencer (Mother)

Mrs. Meredith D. Smith

Mrs. Louise Jones (Mother in Law)

Mrs. Unita L. Smith (Daughter), Mrs. Meredith D. Smith, Mr. Jerry D. Smith (Son)

Dr. Janice L. Winters, Historian

Janice Winter's Mother.png
Janice Winter's Mother Framed.png

Deacon James Lewis Jr. (Father)
Mrs. Eunice Naomi Quander Lewis (Mother)

Dr. Janice L. Winters.

Mr. Eunice Lewis (Mother)

Mrs. Bertha Scott, Corresponding Secretary

Bertha Scott and Daughter.png

Mrs. Bertha Scott
Mr. Bertha B. Hampton (Mother)

Mrs. Bertha B. Hampton (Mother)

Mrs. Bertha Scott,
Mrs. Jamesia M. Scott (Daughter)

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